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Eligibility Criteria
Admissions are done on the basis of a scientific assessment and recognizes the following factors.

1. 50 % reservation for South Indian Minority.
The various parameters applied for the selection are as under:
Preference given to applicants whose brothers/sisters are currently studying in the school.
b) Employees of any institution of the society.
c) Natural admission for students from the golden nursery section.
d) Children whose parents are ex- students of the school.
In the assessment of the school and which decision is final the family environment and the educational background of the parents as would permit the student to go through the full schooling and the probability of drop out is minimal.
3. Proximity to the school is given preference.
Admission is granted only to those who have secured the application forms from the school in the name of the student/parent.
5. Incomplete applications are rejected.
Informal discussions are held in order to understand the child and the parents.
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